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100 Finnish innovations.
100 global innovations.
100 visions.

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It's Time to Assess Assessment

Who and what is assessment really for?

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Nature vs Tech - the Battle for the New Classroom

Why do we still force children to sit in rows facing the whiteboard, when few of us believe this actually stimulates learning?

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Are A-Level subjects in the UK representative of the skills students need?

Art History and Creative Writing are just two of the latest A-Levels to be axed from the state curriculum in the UK following the previous education secretary’s proposal to make room for ‘more challenging’ subjects.

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Metin Ferhatoglu
Istanbul, Turkey
“Math needs to be more social, not just numbers, but relatable to the life of the students.”
Maarit Rossi
Paths to Math, Finland
Collaborative Teaching
Erika Brodnock
Karisma Kidz, UK
Co-Teaching in the Age of Digitalization
Darina Garland
Suklaa Media & Education, UK
“Get industry into schools and colleges, so that students can see that what they are learning links to real life.”
Kerrine Bryan
Butterfly Books
Tools For Self-Assessment
Paul Cummins
Coalition for Engaged Education, USA
The Plant Academy and Sustainable Development
Allan Kjaer Andersen
Ørestad Gymnasium, Denmark
“If inclusive education is the intent of government, states, or countries to implement effectively in classrooms, then they need to go back to teacher education.”
Jennifer Camulli
TIS, Macau
A School Day For Members of Parliament
Dr. Joanne Orlando
Sydney, Australia
Learning Foreign Languages In A Digital World
Bryan Alexander
“There’s huge potential for exciting learning environments that combine the best of human intelligence and artificial intelligence...”
Rose Luckin
London, UK
Implementing the New Core Curriculum
Valerie Hannon
Innovation Unit, UK
The Establishment of a Solution-Based Operational Culture for a School District
We are interviewing 100 thought leaders and changemakers from all over the world who represent a variety of areas within education - teachers, students, government officials and everyone in between. We want to learn about what the next 100 years of education should look like from the world’s leading thinkers.
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We are creating 100 case studies on ambitious educational projects and innovations from around the world. We will take into account a wide variety of schools and projects from all continents that are changing the way children and young people are educated. We are looking for new ways of learning, teaching, assessing and leading.
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From Autumn 2016 to Spring 2017 we will be trialing 100 bold education innovations in a selection of Finnish schools. We are seeking for new and innovative ways and practices with which we can develop education for the next 100 years. The selected schools will be announced in April 2016.
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